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Kiln Making Materials

For those of you considering making
or repairing their own kiln.

Insulating Fire Brick #4832 -$4ea
2300 Degree F 2-1/2" by 4-1/2" by 9"
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Easy to cut and form with simple saws and tools - very soft. Can also be used for custom glass slumping forms. Note: these bricks are fragile, if you want these to be shipped by UPS/FedEx - please expect some possible minor chips or damage, they can not be insured - no more than 9 bricks can be shipped per box, order extra.

Fiber Insulation Click Here

Sheet metal - Stainless Steel - Strap your kiln with this banding - thin 26 ga for easy bending and strapping - 2" wide - any length you want # 48399 - $2 per foot

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Hose Clamp - Special flat two piece hose clamp for attaching steel metal strapping #48488 - $2.50

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Rivets - 3/16" The right all "Steel" Rivets for attaching hose clamp to sheet metal - bag of 10 for #48499 - $5

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Connector #MS6 Brass - includes the 2 bolts - $6.50

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Terminal #22810 - High Temperature - Stainless Steel - for a 10 to 12 GA wire $.30

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Fits HG series kilns and
other kilns with
14 amp requirement at 120 volts
Wound element with short gap in the center that is not wound
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Item Number E838

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